"My Ride or Die": Resident Alien's Sara Tomko & Alice Wetterlund on Asta & D'arcy's New Journey (2024)

As we approach the Season 3 finale ofResident Alien,SYFY WIREis catching up with several cast members to discuss their respective character arcs over the last seven episodes.

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Today, we sit down with Sara Tomko and Alice Wetterlund, the talented personalities who portray lifelong friends Asta Twelvetrees and D'arcy Bloom. After two seasons of keeping D'arcy in the dark, Asta and Harry (Alan Tudyk) finally brought her into the alien circle of trust. While that may have seemed like it would clear up a lot of miscommunication between the now-roommates, the emotional chasm between them has never been greater...

Resident Alien Stars Sara Tomko and Alice Wetterlund Break Down Asta & D'arcy's Season 3 Journey

What was it like acting opposite each other this season, now that Asta and D'arcy are on equal footing in terms of Harry's big secret?

TOMKO:I was just telling Alice how incredible she was in last night’s episode [Episode 6]. She’s really givin’ it to me in that scene when we get into a fight. Most of the time I don’t remember what I do, but watching it back, man, she is givin’ it to me. She’s givin’ it so beautifully and so heartbreakingly. I just love working with you, babe. I really do.

WETTERLUND: I love working with you so much. Working with Sara has never been better and I’m literally not interested if Sara’s not in it at this point. That’s how it feels. I haven’t had this experience before ... of having a scene partner that I have felt so comfortable and easy [with]. We just slide right into it and I love the dramatic stuff this season.

TOMKO:I really loved that helicopter scene where they turn the sound off and we are just going at each other. It was raining, it was cold, we had no time to shoot it. It was like, ‘Gotta go quick!’ Alice and I are trying to get feedback and notes from the Great Above and we’re exchanging, ‘What about this joke? What about that joke?’ We really didn’t know what it was gonna look like and I’m pretty impressed with what they put together.

WETTERLUND:I’m really impressed with what they threw together … it was like we were getting notes from a toilet paper tube that was flying through the air and then a tin can. Everybody was angry. But Sara and I just have this poppin’ chemistry. That’s the other thing, I really feel like we can accomplish anything in front of us, as long as we have a randomly hot co-star, which was what that pilot was. We’d never seen him before and we were both like, [sensually] ‘Okay…’

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What would you say has been your craziest moment with Alan Tudyk — either in front of or behind the camera?

WETTERLUND:Alan had to do his own costume work this year. We had a Season 2 body double working in the costume for Alan who was like a double Harry. A very talented prosthetics actor and this year, for whatever reason, Alan was doing it by himself. So some of the time that we were sitting in this little green room, it’s Alan. And some of the time, it’s Alan in this rubber alien crop top and he’s just like, ‘How’s it going?’ I’ve been in prosthetics a lot. Not that much, but this show, to me, in my head, I’ve been in prosthetics a lot and I’m an a--hole. I am in such a bad mood [when I have to wear them]. I’m like, ‘Ugh! Get this off me!’ And Alan is just the best sport about it. He’s just like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ I’m in awe of that man.

TOMKO: I think one of my craziest days with Alan was when we were shooting Episode 8 of Season 1. We’re in the crevasse and I’ve just learned that he’s an alien. This is the day we also found out — while Alan was in an alien crop top and we were in a trailer — we found out the show was shutting down for COVID quarantine.

We knew we only had one day left to shoot and I literally had my hand up his chest with blue good and at one point, while we were waiting for the shot to go off, I said to Alan, ‘If I never work with you again, it’s been really great.’ We didn’t know if we were gonna continue. It was this crazy circ*mstance of this end of the world episode-type of feeling and end of the world in our true world. It was wild. I remember him being half-alien and being like, ‘It’s been great to work with you too.’ We were both just sort of freaked out. That was one of my favorite moments.

You guys got play evil versions of yourselves in Episode 7. How was that experience?

WETTERLUND: That scene was wonderful. I get to do a ton of stunt-work for this show. Way more than I ever expected, which is amazing. Chris Sheridan is making all my dreams come true. But that scene, I got to be an alien, which was always a dream for me, to be able like to act like, ‘Oh, the alien snatched my body.’ That’s been something on the bucket list for me. And I got to do it in the funnest way. I got to do a crazy ground crawl, a fast ground crawl. The crew is extremely protective of their set and their people and so, it’s like, ‘We can get somebody to crawl for you!’ And I’m like, ‘Just let me f---ing crawl.’ I’m like, ‘I’ve been crawling on my own in my apartment! You should see how fast I can crawl!’

TOMKO:I really loved how many people got to come together in that one scene, especially bringing back Harry’s daughter, bringing back his wife.

WETTERLUND: It was everybody that came to that party [in Season 2]. When you see it, you’re watching it as a fan and you’re going, ‘It’s the party!' It’s the same people, everybody in the same costumes! [Bridget is] recreating us from that moment, which is such a cool detail.

TOMKO: That’s true. It’s a nice little Easter egg.

"My Ride or Die": Resident Alien's Sara Tomko & Alice Wetterlund on Asta & D'arcy's New Journey (1)

Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk), Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko), and D'Arcy Bloom (Alice Wetterlund) appear in Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 4 -- "Avian Flu". Photo: James Dittiger/SYFY

What can we expect from your characters in the season finale?

TOMKO: We’re in a zone now where we’re fighting. I don’t know if we’re gonna make up or if I even know what she’s doing because she’s such a loose cannon. But I’m hoping — and I’m sure the audience is too — for some sort of reunion between us. I also would like to see D’arcy saving the day again and not just with a banana.

WETTERLUND:That’s what she said … D’arcy is on her way to somewhere. She’s got the bomb that Harry built, she’s got the plans. She’s going off half-co*cked again and as a viewer I’m like, ‘This b--ch.’ This girl is off her rocker and she’s completely taking things into her own hands that she very much shouldn’t be. I play D’arcy, so I’m rooting for D’arcy, but at the same time, I’m like, ‘Would somebody shake her and throw her in rehab?!’ I don’t have a ton of faith as a viewer that she’s gonna get it done. She’s just done so many things and I think that Asta is right, she is a loose cannon. She couldn’t trust her with information and here’s another reason why. She’s like, ‘Oh, my dad’s in the hospital, so now I have to take this ridiculous thing into my own hands to prove…’ What? God! So frustrating.

TOMKO: I have so much faith in you as Sara and as Asta. Even though we always do this, we always fight and tell our truths to each other, I am still so worried about you. But if I had anyone on my team going into war, I’d want it to be you, babe. Every time. You need a cannon.

WETTERLUND:I had a friend in college [who was like that]. I was like, ‘Do you want to go around town and try to get as many high fives as we can from random strangers?’ He was like, ‘I just woke up! Yeah, let’s do it!’ Just so on board no matter what. D’arcy is very much that person and you do need them sometimes.

TOMKO:She’s my ride or die.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity

How to Watch The Season 3 Finale of Resident Alien

The Season 3 finale of Resident Alien airs on SYFY next Wednesday — April 3 —at 10/9c.

"My Ride or Die": Resident Alien's Sara Tomko & Alice Wetterlund on Asta & D'arcy's New Journey (2024)


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