Pensacola Tattoo Studio 2 Reviews (2024)

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  • “Easily the best shop within 100 miles of Pensacola. They're the friendliest people and are extremely talented at what they do. Super friendly and always happy ...

Reviews 1 - Pensacola Tattoo Studio

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  • Jessie Walker · Min Oh · Mercedez Dahl · Kemo

  • Pensacola Tattoo Studio

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5. Pensacola Tattoo Studio 2 Reviews

  • Very professional, awesome quality, clean. Very professional, awesome quality, clean. See bbb rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Web this organization is not ...

  • Pensacola Tattoo Studio 2 Reviews

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  • Ink Masters Tattoo Studio Pensacola Florida, Pensacola, Florida. 1973 likes · 4 talking about this. Custom tattoo and piercing studio.

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8. Sacred Grounds Tattoo Studio { Pensacola, FL }

  • Our team of High-Quality Artists will make sure you get the best tattoo & piercing for your money, or send you off where you belong.

Sacred Grounds Tattoo Studio { Pensacola, FL }

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  • Do I need an appointment? Not, necessarily. We do accept walk-ins for smaller designs and if a tattoo artist is available. However, for larger tattoos we do ...

  • Not, necessarily. We do accept walk-ins for smaller designs and if a tattoo artist is available.

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  • Check out Blue Blood Tattoo Studio in Pensacola - explore pricing, reviews, and open appointments online 24/7!

Blue Blood Tattoo Studio - Pensacola - Book Online - Booksy

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  • Pensacola's largest and friendliest tattoo studio ... We use cookies to enhance your experience and improve our services and our website's functionality. By ...

  • At All About Ink, we realize there is no shortage of choices when it comes to getting tattoos on the Gulf Coast. For over 9 years we have been serving Pensacola

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  • See More Details (2). Remove Ads. Top Reviews. Photo of Theresa B. Theresa B. December 20, 2020. These artists are very talented! Beautiful studio!

  • Ink Masters Pensacola Tattoo Studio is a Tattoo Parlor in Pensacola. Plan your road trip to Ink Masters Pensacola Tattoo Studio in FL with Roadtrippers.

Ink Masters Pensacola Tattoo Studio - Map | Roadtrippers
Pensacola Tattoo Studio 2 Reviews (2024)


Do you tip at a private tattoo studio? ›

This is no different for tattooists.” Patrick Cornolo, owner of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo in Chicago, agrees: “Tipping is pretty normal in tattooing. If you had a good experience and love your tattoo, tipping is appreciated but not expected.”

How do I know if my tattoo studio is good? ›

Also, follow these steps to find a solid shop:
  1. Only use a tattoo shop where all employees are properly trained.
  2. Make sure your tattoo artist wears new disposable gloves to minimize your risk of contamination. ...
  3. Check that they're using needles from sealed containers, and that the pigment trays are new.
Mar 7, 2021

How much are tattoo studio fees? ›

Our minimum tattoo charge is S$150. An A4 size tattoo would costs at least S$600 onwards.

What does private tattoo studio mean? ›

The most distinguishable asset of a private tattoo studio is that the artist who owns and works there often specializes in a specific tattoo style or has crafted their own artistic style. This usually produces unique and specific artwork tailored to you.

How much tip for $200 tattoo? ›

Tattoo tipping rates

But as a rule of thumb, a 15-20% tip is usually a good place to start. So, if you spent a total of $200 on a tattoo, tipping anywhere from $30 to $40 shows your artist that you appreciate their handiwork.

How much to tip on a $1000 tattoo? ›

So, if you were going to get a $1000 tattoo, you'd probably want to tip at least $200; if you were getting a $500 tattoo, you'd probably tip $100, and so on.

What do you wear to a tattoo studio? ›

In general, you don't want to wear anything tight or restrictive. "Your body will be in distress, so wearing comfortable clothing is key," Monikka Velvet, cofounder of the women-owned NYC-based tattoo shop High Hopes, tells POPSUGAR.

Do tattoo artists judge your body? ›

The client-Tattoo Artist relationship is purely professional and free from sexuality, shame, or judging. Therefore, it is not uncommon for customers to feel an emotional and sentimental connection with a person who marks their skin permanently.

How to tell a good tattoo artist from a bad one? ›

In case you're not sure, here are a few basic technical abilities you should be looking out for:
  1. Their designs will be of a consistently high quality.
  2. Their lines should be even. ...
  3. Solid black or block colours should be consistent, without any patchy areas. ...
  4. Their designs should be well-placed.

How big is a $500 tattoo? ›

Small Tattoos2-4 inches$50 - $250
Medium Sized Tattoos4-6 inches$150 - $450
Large Single-Piece Tattoos4-6 inches$500 - $5,000
Large Sleeves (arms, back, legs)N/A$650 - $8,000
1 more row
Jan 29, 2022

How big is a $300 tattoo? ›

A palm-sized tattoo usually runs between $200-500, and medium to large tattoos (about 8”) usually range from $300-600. Half sleeves typically start around $1,000 and full sleeves often range from $2,000-$4,000.

Is 250 an hour a lot for a tattoo? ›

On average, tattoo artists charge $100 to $250 an hour, although in certain cases, high-profile tattoo artists charge more. Consider how in-demand your prospective artist is, based on factors such as their number of Instagram followers as well as awards given to the studio or artist, which can help determine rates.

How do I choose a good tattoo studio? ›

Ask questions. Reach out to the tattoo artist — are they responsive, do they offer free consultations? Tattoos are for life so it is important that the artist understands that it's a big decision. Meet the artist and pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of the shop and their station specifically.

Do tattoo artists own your tattoos? ›

We can start with a simple fact: The U.S. Copyright Office declares that any creative illustration fixed in a tangible medium is eligible for copyright. This means that while the actual tattoo is paid for by the athlete or celebrity, the copyright for the artwork is owned by the tattoo artist.

How do tattoo artists make a living? ›

Tattoo artists receive payment for each tattoo they complete, but if they don't own their own studio, the studio owners will typically take a commission from each tattoo. The specific commission arrangement varies depending on the contract, with a common split being an even 50/50 between the studio and the artist.

Is it rude to not tip a tattoo artist? ›

Both Gomez and Dim say that tipping isn't essential, but it is a kind way of showing your artist appreciation for their service and for their work. "I don't believe it's necessary for you to provide a tip. In fact, it doesn't make a difference if you choose not to tip — even if you enjoyed the tattoo," says Dim.

Do you tip for tattoo consultation? ›

Tipping is a sign of gratitude, and it is most welcome. Your tattooist will give you all the information you need to take proper care of your new tattoo.

Do you tip a tattoo artist each session? ›

If your tattoo is divided into multiple sessions, you should tip after each session.

How much to tip for $800 tattoo? ›

"While any tip is highly appreciated, a good guideline is to tip 15-20% of the price of the tattoo. However, this amount can be adjusted depending on your personal budget, as well as how happy you are with your tattoo; there definitely isn't a minimum amount," they added.


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